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Secure® AC/DC Adapter - 6 Volt

Secure® ACDC-1 Power Adapter for SUA-120, SMA-120, WAM-1R Fall Alarm Monitors


Use the Secure® 6 Volt AC/DC Adapter with SUA-120 Fall Monitor & SMA-120 Fall Alarm Monitor. Features Include: Class 2 Power Supply, Input: 120V AC 60 Hz, Output: 6V DC 300 mA, UL Listed. One Year Warranty.

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Secure Fall Management Products AC/DC Adapter – 6 Volt

  • Use the Secure® 6 Volt AC/DC Adapter with SUA-120 Fall Monitor & SMA-120 Fall Alarm Monitor.
    • Our Secure® Fall Management Alarm Monitors can be used as part of a pressure or sensor pad system, monitoring floor mat system or even a seat belt set. They are tamper-resistant, include a test and reset button and a low battery indicator light. The alarms are always on for resident safety – impossible for staff to forget to activate alarm (Meets Joint Commission guidelines).

Features of the 6 Volt AC/DC Adapter include:

  • Class 2 Power Supply
  • Input: 120V AC 60 Hz
  • Output: 6V DC 300 mA
  • UL Listed
  • One Year Warranty

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Weight .4 lbs

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