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Hello Tabbatha.. Thank you for taking my order. You were so very kind and personal. My husband who is at St. Johns Nursing Home in Rochester NY has fallen exactly 30 times..{Thirty} times in a year and a half. Three of the falls have resulted in fractures. After I used your Non Skid Slippers, he has only fallen once in a 6 month period. I attribute this success to your company. We are so grateful..this is our third order. Some slippers have {disappeared} lately.. smile.

Thank you for your valuable product. Looking forward with anticipation for your catalogue.
Gratefully, Joyce Henck

I ordered the Secure® Deluxe Arm Support Cushion from your company last Saturday, and they arrived today! My expectations are certainly exceeded, and I am well pleased with the promptness of the shipment. I am further impressed with the simplicity of the design and versatility of the arm rests themselves. My husband has ALS, and is presently about 90% paralyzed. We really needed wider arm rests for his commode chair and his manual wheel chair.

These support cushions will go on either arm of either his commode chair or his wheel chair, have a valley that cradles his arm and even a Velcro strap if necessary to keep the arm stationary. And the cover is removable and washable as necessary.

I just wanted to drop in and thank you for wonderful service and for a wonderful, and very affordable perfectly sensible product. You all are to be credited for your efforts to exceed expectations!
B. Doerr
Tabbatha, I just wanted to tell you know how happy we are with your alarms. We have had less falls since the time that we started using them. It has been 4 months since we started using them, and we do not have any broken alarms, which is amazing since we used to have at least 1 a day. We had one resident drop her personal clip alarm in the toilet. We took it out, opened it up and let it dry and it still worked. Thank you so much for helping us decrease our fall risks and making our residents safer.
Jennifer Benke
Restorative Aide, Central Supply Aide
Green Ridge Care Center

Please accept this note of appreciation for your great customer service to our facility needs. Your attention to our orders are always handled with your care and high level of responsibility in seeing the job through with follow up to insure our satisfaction. Since I have started ordering from Secure Personal Safety, the other staff also has been extremely happy with your products and service, and all would recommend your company readily.

Thank you for your care and consideration to our questions and the speed in which you answer inquiries and replace equipment for us. It is obvious that you and your company have our resident safety in mind at all times.
Sincerely, Ruth Andrews
Central Supply Coordinator
Golden Living - La Porte
At John Knox Manor we use hip protectors from Personal Safety Corporation. I recommend that any fall risk person wear them daily. Our facility has used PSC hip protectors for quite some time now & the product is working extremely well.
Janice Wright
John Knox Manor

I just wanted you to know that since our facility has replaced our old alarms with the Secure P.A.D.S. Alarm II our falls have been reduced 63%. Our residents can no longer turn them off or remove them as they did with the other alarms. Thank you for such great products and great "fast" service. There were a few times I needed the alarms quickly and they were here the next day.

I thank you and our residents families thank you for making their loved ones safer.
Jackie Jeffery RN, C DON
Absolute Care of Dunkirk
Our nursing home has been utilizing PSC's products since 2003. We had tried various products in the past for fall prevention but never had the feeling we had found exactly what we were looking for to protect our residents. Once we tried PSC's chair and bed pad alarms and their mobility monitors we were sold! PSC's products are easy to use, their account support managers are exceptional and the company stands behind their products and warranties 100%.
Lynn Vlies
Director of Purchasing Services
Algoma Long Term Care Unit
I love doing business with PSC, Customer Service is excellent - the sales reps are always right there to help you with your orders and process the orders very quickly. PSC is number one in cost and quality. They stand behind their products - guaranteed! Thank You PSC!
Dawn Evers
Harborside HCC (Sun Healthcare Group)
Troy, OH
We have been ordering fall prevention equipment from your company for over five years and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the overall quality and service that is offered at Personal Safety Corporation. From your replacement policy, to your customer service we really feel like we get a great value for our money. Where else can you get a one year warranty and a company that will stand behind it! In this fast-paced world of electronic voice messaging systems to it is such a pleasure to do business with a "real" person. At PSC, they keep up with how I am doing and go the extra mile to make sure I have exactly what I need. What a refreshing business philosophy…value, quality and customer service!
Sara Kilgore
Harlan Nursing Home
Harlan, KY
I would like to thank PSC for offering safety products that are consistent, reliable, and always within my budget. The sales techs are always helpful and personable. They are my permanent solution for my everyday safety needs.
Tamika Hasan
Materials Management
Harlan Nursing Home
Harlan, KY
We, Canyon Healthcare Lane, have used PSC since 2003. Kim is always helpful and courteous. We like your products.
Bobbie Moris
Canyon Healthcare Lane

I just wanted to send you a testimony about the products PSC has sold our facility. We absolutely love so many things about your pressure alarms & self-releasing seat belts, so much that I almost don't know where to start.

I first saw these devises used at a sister facility of ours in Loveland, CO while I was attending a continuing education course in restorative nursing. I called your company and spoke with you to request some free sample products. I received 1 pressure pad kit (pressure pad & alarm) for a wheel chair and 1 for a bed. These products are awesome in so many ways.

For example, the prices for your pressure kits are so much better than our other vendors' products i.e. $74.99 (for the bed kit), and $54.99 for each chair kit and self-releasing seat belt. Also, these kits have the longest guarantee that I know of for any of these products. One of our vendors guarantee on just the pressure pad was only 90 days, so that fact alone puts PSC's product far ahead of the competition. The devices that we previously had been using cost our company approx. $130 and were only guaranteed for 90 days.

Moreover, I love that these devices are created so that we can attach them to the wheel Chair or bed (in places not easily assessable to a confused resident) and that they cannot be pulled apart or disabled without extreme force employed.

I say this because we have many residents with dementia, and these devices are created so that a confused resident will not be able to disable them so that we can get to them to meet their needs, and hence prevent falls and significant injury. No, these devices will not prevent all falls and injuries. However, since our confused residents are not able to disable your devices our staff is much more likely to be able to assist the resident and also prevent a fall.
Gregg N. Huestis
Centennial Healthcare Center
Greely, CO

The gait belts arrived at Grand View Manor yesterday. Myrna Hayes, PT Assistant and the Director of Nursing were very pleased with same. Myrna dropped one off at my house to bring here to Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre today. I too am very pleased with it. We are accustomed to a 54" gait belt, so the additional 6" is evident, but I really like the little sliding loop to hold the extra material!

Looking great thus far. As far as Grand View Manor goes, I am hopeful that we will just return the defective gait belts to the other company and use the money to purchase from you. I am also hopeful that we will be able to purchase the belt for KRRC from you as well. We may actually combine our orders if it helps with the shipping.

Accolades to you and your company for being customer-satisfaction/quality driven!!!! You definitely went "above and beyond" to ensure that I had the most absolute correct information re: the product, and indeed, the product itself! It is indeed refreshing to deal with such a polite, respectful and caring person. Thanks so much Janet.

Looking forward to being in contact with you soon.

I forwarded the catalogue to our OT, as she is often looking for Fall Prevention/Management equipment.
Kindest regards,
Maureen Eagle Aalders
Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre
I work with Personal Safety Corporation because when I call my sales rep she takes care of my needs. I find that PSC has a wide variety of products both for the residents and for the health care staff and the pricing is very cost effective. For all of these reasons I continue to place my business and trust in Personal Safety Corporation.
Dan Melendez
Central Supply
Royal Care of Avon Park