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Bed and Chair Alarm Sets

Our fall alarms and bed/chair sensor pads for elderly fall prevention are essential components of a comprehensive falls management program for nursing homes and hospitals. Patient falls are considered a Never Event in healthcare facilities. Secure Safety Solutions patient monitoring alarms help nursing staff prevent falls and wandering. Our bed and chair alarms are also effective for at-home caregivers who want to prevent elderly falls and wandering. Bed and chair alarms alert nursing staff and caregivers of a potential patient fall. Secure Safety Solutions alarm monitors are compatible with all bed and chair sensor pads and alarming wheelchair seat belts. Our sensor pads are the first non-skin-sensitive and antimicrobial bed and chair monitoring pads in the industry.

What is a Bed Alarm?

A bed alarm is a device designed to monitor a patient’s movements while in bed. The bed sensor pad is placed on the mattress under the bottom bedsheet, detecting when the patient attempts to leave the bed. The alarm monitor alerts caregivers as soon as pressure is removed from the sensor pad. This ensures that caregivers can take appropriate action to prevent dangerous falls and wandering.

Benefits of Using a Bed Alarm for Fall Prevention

In both home and hospital settings, bed alarms offer several advantages:

  • If you are caring for someone at risk of falling, this solution alerts you to potential slip-and-fall incidents.
  • If you care for someone at risk of wandering off, the bed alarm alerts you when they attempt to escape.
  • In both instances, the bed alarm also alerts caregivers when a patient needs assistance to use the bathroom.

The quick response of the alarm reduces the risk of patients leaving your home or facility and makes it easier to locate them.

Types of Hospital Bed Alarms

Bed alarms use one of the following formats:

  • A bed sensor pad is placed on top of the mattress and under the sheet to alert the patient when the patient tries to leave the bed.
  • Wearable personal pull string alarms attach directly to the patient’s clothing.
  • Floor mat sensor alarms alert caregivers when the patient steps on the mat next to the bed.
  • Infrared motion sensor alarms monitor the bed’s exterior and alert when patient movement is detected.

What is a Chair Alarm?

A wheelchair or chair alarm is a personal alarm that helps caregivers monitor the activity of a sitting patient or loved one. It is beneficial for individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Chair alarm sets consist of an alarm monitor combined with a chair sensor or pad that detects a reduction in pressure to activate the alarm. Wheelchair alarms notify the caregiver when pressure is removed from the sensor.

Chair alarms are a great tool for improving fall prevention and patient safety in hospitals, nursing homes, skilled care facilities, and LTC facilities. Personal Safety Corporation offers bed and chair alarms for all beds, stationary chairs, or wheelchairs.

To find the perfect bed exit alarm or chair alarm for elderly for your unique and specific caregiving needs, peruse our wide selection of bed alarms and chair alarms for the elderly today!