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Caregiver Alert System Sets

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The Secure® Wireless Caregiver Alert System® is the most customizable patient monitoring solution designed to meet the needs of nursing homes, at-home caregivers, and health care facilities. The Wireless Caregiver Pager (CAS-PGR-LC) can be paired with up to four components for effective remote monitoring of multiple patients, residents or loved ones. Available monitoring components include: Fall Alarm Monitor (CAS-FAM-LC), Sensor Pad Transmitter/Call Button (CAS-SPT-LC), PIR Motion Sensor (CAS-PIR-LC), Pull Cord Alert (CAS-TPC-LC), Door/Window Alarm (CAS-DWA-LC). Below are examples of complete Caregiver Alert System® sets. Additional monitoring components can be added to these sets to suit your needs.