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Caregiver Pager Receiver w/Belt Clip - front view

Wireless Caregiver Pager (Receiver)


The Wireless Caregiver Pager Receiver with Belt Clip is part of the Secure® Caregiver Alert System®. It is the perfect wireless patient alert solution for at-home caregivers and health care facilities.

Wireless Alarm Instructions

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Secure Wireless Alarms for Fall Management Caregiver Pager with Belt Clip

  • The Wireless Caregiver Pager is part of the Secure® Caregiver Alert System®, a customizable wireless patient monitoring solution for at-home caregivers, nursing homes, hospitals, and health care facilities.
  • The Wireless Caregiver Pager (CAS-PGR-LC) connects with up to four patient monitoring components: Sensor Pad Transmitter or Nurse Call Button w/Lanyard (CAS-SPT-LC), NEW Fall Alarm Monitor w/Universal Nurse Call Button (CAS-FAM-LC), Motion Sensor (CAS-PIR-LC), Wall-Mounted Pull Cord Alert (CAS-TPC-LC).
  • Each monitoring component easily pairs with the Caregiver Pager Receiver or Caregiver Stationary Receiver, and a unique alert sound (choice of 18 different melody or alarm sounds) can be set for each connected monitoring component.
  • Caregiver Pager Receiver or Caregiver Stationary Receiver can be set to 1.) Alarm Sound Only 2.) Alarm Sound & Vibrate 3.) Vibrate Only.
  • Caregiver Pager Receiver features a belt clip to attach to user’s belt/waist for constant patient monitoring.
  • Monitoring distance up to 500 ft. in an open area (walls and other interference may decrease operating distance).
  • CAS-WCR Wireless Caregiver Stationary Receiver can be wall mounted or placed anywhere within a home or small facility.
  • Must purchase one or more monitoring components with the Wireless Caregiver Pager for a complete patient monitoring set (up to four monitoring components can be paired with one caregiver pager receiver).
  • Pager, Receiver & all monitoring components include batteries and mounting tape/hardware.
  • Wireless Pager Dimensions: 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ x 1″
  • One year warranty
Choice of 18 different melody or monitor sounds
Distance Doorbell Sound Telephone Ring Siren
3 feet 60 dB 70dB 75dB

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

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