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Fall Management & Wandering Prevention

Fall & Wandering Prevention Products Include:

Personal Safety Corporation has been committed to developing patient safety products for caregivers–both professional and private–for over 30 years. Our goal is to help prevent elderly falls and wandering in senior living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and residential homes.

Our bed and chair exit alarms reliably provide early alerts for caregivers so they can quickly assist fall-risk patients, residents, and loved ones and prevent dangerous and costly fall injury. Since 1991, PSC has specialized in manufacturing and distributing fall prevention alarms to keep your loved ones safe from fall-related injury.

All Bed and chair exit alarm sets, and other elderly monitoring products are simple and easy to use. Our products ensure the caregiver is immediately notified when a fall-risk individual tries to exit the bed or wander in the facility or home. With our Caregiver Alert System, alert notifications can be sent quietly by wireless pager. We offer multiple feature-rich patient alarm monitors that are paired with the industry’s best Bed and chair Sensor Pads, Floor Mat Sensors, or Seat Belt. 

Bed and chair alarms are available in wireless and wired configurations. Durable floor mat sensors are placed next to the bed or doorway to prevent unwanted exits and wandering.

Patient safety products include solutions for fall-risk patient mobility monitoring, anti-wandering, and numerous silent fall prevention solutions.  Our products are particularly helpful in preventing falls and wandering by memory care residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Make our products a part of your facility’s Falls Management program today!