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Wireless Bed Alarm for Elderly Fall Prevention

Wireless Patient Monitoring System 12″x30″ Bed Alarm Set


The Wireless Patient Monitoring System – Wireless Bed Alarm Set includes a 12″ x 30″ Wireless Bed Sensor Pad (WBEDPAD-1), a Wireless Alarm Monitor (WAM-1R), and a Wireless Alarm Transmitter (WAT-1R). This bed alarm system is designed to remotely monitor patients at risk of falling, as well as those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is an effective tool for preventing elderly falls and wandering. You can connect up to three sensor pad transmitters to the wireless alarm, enabling you to monitor multiple sensors simultaneously. The transmitter can be removed and interchanged between the wireless bed, chair, and floor mat sensors. U.S. Patent No. 9,466,204.

Wireless Alarm Instructions

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Secure Wireless Alarms for Fall Management Patient Monitoring System – Wireless Bed Exit Alarm Set for Elderly Fall Prevention

This wireless bed alarm set is part of the patented Secure® Wireless Patient Monitoring System.

WIRELESS BED ALARM FOR ELDERLY ADULTS – The Wireless Patient Monitoring System bed exit alarm set helps prevent falls and wandering among elderly patients by alerting caregivers when a fall-risk patient, resident, or loved one tries to exit the bed. Our patented wireless bed alarm system remotely monitors elderly dementia patients, seniors, and the disabled. This caregiver alert set is the ideal fall and wander prevention patient aid for caregivers, nursing homes, and hospitals.

ELIMINATE IN-ROOM NOISE & TRIP HAZARDS – The wireless alarm monitor is designed to enable continuous remote monitoring of patients by caregivers or nurses. It can be taken out of the patient’s room up to a range of 150 ft. If the monitor goes out of range, it alerts the caregiver through sound and flashing lights. The patient monitoring system is completely wireless, eliminating tripping hazards caused by traditional corded bed and chair sensor pads.

ALARM PAUSE & DELAY FEATURES – The wireless alarm monitor comes with a pause feature that allows caregivers to temporarily stop the alarm monitor from producing noise when the patient needs to get out of bed. When the patient returns to bed, the alarm monitor automatically resets and starts monitoring the patient again. Additionally, the wireless alarm monitor is equipped with an alarm delay switch that can be set to 0, 2, or 4 seconds. This prevents false alarms if there is movement in bed.

RELIABLE WIRELESS CONNECTION – Our patented wireless communication technology allows for bi-directional communication between the sensor pad transmitter and fall alarm monitor. This ensures a continuous connection and helps keep patients, residents, and loved ones safe from falls and wandering. Additionally, the WAM-1R alarm monitor can be synced with up to three WAT-1R sensor pad transmitters, which allows for expanded patient monitoring with multiple bed sensors, chair sensors, and floor mats.

WIRELESS BED PAD + TRANSMITTER + ALARM MONITOR – This wireless bed alarm set comes with a 12 x 30 in. wireless bed sensor pad, sensor pad transmitter, and wireless alarm monitor. 3 AA and 2 AAA batteries are included for immediate setup. The alarm monitor automatically resets when the patient returns to bed or by pressing the alarm reset button. It features adjustable volume, an alarm pause mode, alarm delay, two alarm tones, a flashing alert light, and low battery notification.

Sync up to three sensor pad transmitters with one wireless alarm monitor!

Features of the Wire•Less® Patient Monitoring System include:

  • Flexible set-up – connect up to three bed, chair, or floor mat sensors with the wireless alarm monitor to monitor multiple patients or rooms.
  • Nurse call system compatible (NCI-1 nurse call cable required)
  • Patented bi-directional wireless RF signal technology
  • The alarm monitor auto-reset when the patient returns to the bed or chair sensor pad
  • The alarm monitor pause feature allows the caregiver to disable the alarm when caring for the patient temporarily
  • The alarm delay feature (0, 2, or 4 seconds) eliminates false alarms when the patient moves in the bed or chair
  • Reliable wireless connection between the alarm monitor and sensor pad transmitter
  • Low battery indicator light & sound
  • The removable sensor pad transmitter allows the bed, chair, or floor mat sensor to be changed without purchasing another transmitter
  • 3x AA batteries included with the WAM-1R, and 2x AAA with the WAT-1R.

The Wireless Patient Monitoring System is an effective remote care fall prevention aid for caregivers that monitors elderly adults by alerting nurses or caregivers when a patient attempts to leave the alarm pad for bed, chair, wheelchair, or floor mat in the room. Choose from a cordless bed, chair, or floor mat sensor to pair with the wireless patient alarm monitor. The wireless alarm monitors fall-risk patients in medical settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, and at home. Thousands of smart caregivers across the globe use our wireless patient monitoring system as an effective fall alert detector for elderly patient egress at the earliest stages. This wireless bed alarm system helps remotely monitor patients, seniors, elderly, special needs, and those with dementia. Prevent falls and wandering with this patient monitor remote bed alarm. A reliable bi-directional wireless connection between the alarm monitor and transmitter(s) allows caregivers to know they will receive an alert when the fall-risk patient tries to leave the bed or chair or exit a room. Purchase this elderly fall alert system with confidence knowing that Secure Safety Solutions bed alarms for elderly have been trusted by thousands of nurses, caregivers, care homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and other health care professionals since 1991. Developing effective, high-quality elderly fall prevention, anti-wandering products and other patient safety products is our passion. We offer the industry’s best bed alarms and fall prevention for elderly, chair alarms, bed motion sensor, door alarm. and many other safety products to meet the needs of fall-risk individuals. The Secure Wireless Patient Monitoring System advances falls management alarm monitor technology by employing the most dependable 2.4GHz bi-directional wireless communication between the sensor pad transmitter and caregiver receiver.

U.S. Patent No. 9,466,204

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