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Wireless Patient Monitoring System

The Wireless Patient Monitoring System offers patented 2.4G continuous bi-directional communication between the wireless alarm monitor and bed, chair, seat belt, or floor mat sensor. This wireless bed & chair alarm system is perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, and at-home caregivers, as it protects fall-risk individuals by alerting the caregiver as soon as the patient attempts to leave the bed or chair. The wireless design eliminates tripping hazards caused by standard bed and chair sensor pad cords.

The wireless alarm monitor can be mounted in the room, in the hallway, kept at the nurse’s station, or taken anywhere in a home up to 150 ft. away from the sensor to provide a more peaceful environment for patients, residents, and loved ones.

The wireless alarm monitor pairs with up to three transmitters to effectively monitor multiple patients or zones within a room. It is easy to connect the wireless alarm monitor with multiple wireless bed, chair, or floor mat sensors for effective remote monitoring of elderly residents, patients, and loved ones.

The alarm monitor “pause” feature allows the caregiver to temporarily disable the alarm monitor to care for the fall-risk patient without activating the alarm sound. The alarm monitor automatically resets when the patient returns to the sensor pad. Say goodbye to false alarms.

A selectable 0, 2, or 4 second alarm delay switch reduces caregiver alarm fatigue. The alarm delay can be set as needed to help prevent false alarms when a patient tends to move around in a bed or chair.

Adding the optional Nurse Call Interface Cable (NCI-1) and muting the alarm monitor eliminates in-room alarm sound while alerting the nurse’s station of unsafe patient egress (existing facility nurse call system required).

U.S. Patent No. 9,466,204