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Caregiver Alert System

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The Wireless Caregiver Alert System is ideal for caregivers, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities to monitor at-risk patients and prevent falls and wandering.

The Wireless Caregiver Pager connects with up to four monitoring devices which include wireless bed, chair, and floor mat sensors, fall alarm monitor, motion sensor, pull cord alert, door sensor, and nurse call button. The pager has multiple alert sounds and a vibration feature for discreet notification. You can operate the wireless pager in one of three modes: Alarm/Melody Sound Only, Alarm/Melody Sound + Vibrate, and Vibrate Only.

The pager features a retractable belt clip that can be affixed to the caregiver’s waist or belt, making it easier to constantly monitor a fall-risk patient. It is the only wireless bed or chair alarm set that can operate at distances of up to 500 feet, which is perfect for most facilities and residential homes.

The Wireless Caregiver Pager is easily paired with up to four patient monitoring components, including the Fall Alarm Monitor, Wall-Mounted Pull Cord Alert, Sensor Pad Transmitter / Nurse Call Button, Motion Sensor, and Door / Window Alarm.

The Caregiver Alert System is backed by Personal Safety Corporation’s one-year warranty and hassle-free replacement guarantee, providing customers with peace of mind and quality assurance.