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Bedside Safety Floor Mats

Secure® Bedside Safety Fall Protection Mats are placed on the floor along the side of a fall risk patient/resident bed in a nursing home, hospital, or home. Our industry-leading line of fall protection crash mats are made from high-impact foam designed to act as a floor cushion to help prevent injury from potential falls or rolling out of bed. Each Secure fall mat is specifically made with shock-absorbing high-density foam that resists compression under impact, significantly reducing the force of impact.


Secure bedside crash mats increase the safety of elderly nursing home residents, hospital patients, and those at risk of falling out of bed or falling when entering or leaving a bed. Our bedside safety mats are perfect for use with all types & sizes of beds, particularly low-rise beds found in most LTC facilities.


As many as 20% of falls in acute hospitals, LTC nursing home and transitional care rehab facilities occur because of falling out of bed. Secure bedside fall mats are designed to provide a cushioned landing pad and reduce the likelihood of patient injury.


According to independent biomechanical testing, the Secure® SBSM-1 Tri-Fold Bedside Safety Mat and Secure® SBEV-1/1W Beveled Edge Safety Mat significantly reduce the risk of injury to the head, chest, and pelvis vs. a fall on a hard floor surface. Our FlatPad Beveled Edge Mats are available in two sizes to meet the needs of your facility’s falls management program.


All Secure bedside mats are latex-free, CA119 fire-resistant, easy-to-clean, and covered by our one-year hassle-free warranty. You can drop an egg on our mats from 6 ft. and it will not break!