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Closeup portrait of a senior man sitting with his daughter and grandson
Closeup portrait of a senior man sitting with his daughter and grandson

Who is padalarm.com?

Padalarm.com is a child company of Personal Safety Corporation, based in Hiawatha, Iowa.  Padalarm.com offers high quality, low cost, highly innovative products for over 7,000 nursing homes, hospitals and care facilities across North America and Europe.  We pride ourselves on being your patient centered, solutions-based, cost-effective partner for all of your fall management needs.  We are here to exceed your expectations!

Why should you choose padalarm.com for your fall management needs?

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Keeping Fit and Comfortable in a Wheelchair


Joshua R. Harmening PSC Blogger
Joshua R. Harmening PSC Blogger

One thing leads to the other, I believe.  Keeping fit could aid greatly to one’s comfort–which reminds me–I’d better renew that underused gym membership of mine.  The benefits of getting fit are manifold, but the problem is, I actually have to do it.

I tell you what, you write me back on this here blog, and I’ll match any exercise you, a loved one, or a patient with limited mobility does. Continue reading

Pets & Pet Paraphernalia: Potential Producer of Plummets


Joshua R. Harmening PSC Blogger
Joshua R. Harmening
PSC Blogger

It is incredibly difficult for me to put myself in the shoes of an elderly person.  Is it awesome?  Do you just chill out?  Or is it desperately lonely and listless?  A little of both?  Am I a little bit terrified of the potential scenario?  Honestly, yes.  Yes I am.  The odds are I will be bereft in one way or another:  maybe without a driver’s license, maybe without the use of my legs, or maybe even without my spouse.  My kids might live thousands of miles away, or our relationship might be strained, and, of course, they’ll be busy with their own lives.  There are millions of Americans living these realities in their convalescence.

What are the most practical ways of diminishing the negatives and bolstering the positives of aging?  One way that gets a lot of press is pet ownership.   Continue reading

Robotic Caregivers for the Elderly: Inevitable or Anathema?

RobotCroppsdWould you let a robot (perhaps with the visage of a space-age bear) help you scrub up in the shower or tuck you in at night? It might sound silly, but several companies are investing millions to develop technology to do just that. The world over, as populations of developed countries continue to age, universities and research facilities are racing to find a breakthrough that allows for cost-effective, automated care for the elderly.

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With the high burnout rate of caregivers, there is an absolute need for help of some type or another. But, for yourself—what would you feel like having a robot that eerily resembles a leprous Sarah Palin (or is it Tina Fey?) bring you your glasses, lift you into or out of bed, even console you if you feel lonely? I for one am not sold… yet. Of course, I am not the target demographic… yet. If not my main objection, my superficial objection is that so far, almost all of these human/animal-ish robots give me flashbacks of a bad experience at Chucky Cheese’s (I don’t really care to elaborate). And now some engineer wants to put a giant, moving plastic panda into my bedroom? Talk about uncanny valley.  Is there anyone out there looking forward to potentially relying utterly on machines in their convalescence? I’d love to hear why. Updates, charging, viruses, oh my!

But, something’s got to happen, right? The numbers are pretty clear, especially in Japan, China, and parts of Europe. From a business perspective, it’s potentially great for the bottom line. Human employees have this pesky habit of requiring salaries, benefits and insurances, and of getting hurt, or tired, or having babies, and they take breaks, sleep, use the bathroom–on and on our limitations go. But, from a caregiver’s standpoint, it looks a lot like unemployment. And from a patient’s point of view, it seems pretty lonely and unsatisfying to say the least.

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Assessing Patient Fall Risk


Being a caregiver, how will you know when it is time to intervene for the sake of fall prevention? Can you afford to wait until a fall has occurred? Or, is it imperative that you mitigate this risk by means of prevention? Think like your patient—would you like to avoid an injury if at all possible?

But how best to approach the timing of making changes? These situations can be delicate, as the dignity of those for whom you care is involved. There are, however, tools available to those who are proactive in their approach to fall prevention. By leveraging these assets, a balance can be struck between maintaining the autonomy of patients and ensuring their safety.

A major tool in assessing fall risk in hospital and long term care inpatient settings is the  Continue reading



Welcome to the Personal Safety Corporation Blog. My name is Joshua Harmening. I am the blogger for Personal Safety Corporation and I look forward to opening this new line of communication with you, our customers.

Personal Safety Corporation is devoted to being your Patient-Centered, Solutions-Based, Cost-Effective partner for ALL your fall management needs. We challenge ourselves daily to be your #1 fall management products supplier. Our vision is to listen, learn and lead the industry in developing the highest quality products at the lowest manufacturer direct prices. When you partner with PSC you can count on being treated as our #1 customer by our entire team. We Are Here to Exceed Your Expectations!

The aim of this blog is to educate and inform care facility administrators, purchasers, staff and families of patients in long-term care. In addition, we hope to help you create care plans that improve the lives of the people you care for, with a specific focus on fall prevention. We hope to provide you with information, insight, “food for thought”, and a place to go for:
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