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3 Things You Must Know Before Mom Moves In


As I prepare for this post, and inevitably comb through the bevy of articles and assorted content about preparing your home for an elderly loved one moving in, I can’t help but notice that the list is always pretty much the same:

  1. Fall Prevention and Awareness. As a home healthcare provider, it might behoove you to go to a professional, dedicated long term care facility and pay attention to what is and what is not present in the nursing home environment. It seems to me that the biggest task is to start thinking like someone with declining mobility. What things that you or I might take for granted might need to be changed or removed altogether?
  2. Family Changes are a comin’. With the addition of at least one human being, your household dynamics are going to change drastically. Change can be a great motivator. We at securesafetysolutions.com encourage you to let this change motivate your family to become closer. Set a goal to let this be an opportunity for yourself and your children to honor their elders. Pre-planning can help immensely. Meet with your family as far in advance of the move-in date as possible. Include the aforementioned safety concerns.
  3. Finances Play a Role. Is it a financial decision to move your mother or father into your house? Hopefully not fully. But it can be another reason to take into account. Or not. Maybe it really would be better for everyone to look into a dedicated care facility. Professionals are available to help with all of this. There are going to be hidden costs. Who will be with mom when you are working? How will you divide food costs? Will she have her own car? If not, who is taking her where?

These three areas will require a lot of thought on your part. Take time to meet as a family regularly. Break the ice and discuss the hard things. Bring in outside help for these discussions if you feel you are too close emotionally to be objective. Taking in an Elder is an act of love. Certain steps can ensure that this love is reciprocated and transmitted through the generations.

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