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Bed & Chair Alarm Sets, Sensor Pads, Alarm Monitors

Secure Safety Solutions bed alarms, chair alarms, floor mat alarms, & chair alarms are available in many configurations to meet your specific needs. Our patient monitoring alarm sets effectively alert nurses and caregivers when an elderly fall-risk patient, resident, or loved one attempts to leave a bed, chair, or wheelchair, aiding in the prevention of falls.

Whether you are seeking a bed alarm for the elderly, a chair alarm for a patient with dementia, or a floor mat alarm for those with Alzheimer’s, our patient safety devices are sure to improve your loved one’s quality of life.

Browse our selection of wired and wireless bed, chair, and floor mat alarms. We offer alarm sets with wireless caregiver pagers, motion sensors, as well as personal magnet alarms with pull-cords. As the leader in falls management and wandering prevention products, we are here to keep your loved ones safe.