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Breaking the Fall Cycle

Falls constitute the single largest category of adverse events in long-term care facilities. Up to 75% of residents experience one or more falls annually. To support caregivers in their efforts to manage falls, a number of technologies related to reducing the hazards associated with falls have emerged as important strategies against the threats of resident safety (e.g., fall alarms, hip protectors, low beds, and cushioned floor mats). Fall management technology can play a vital role in fall prevention and/or minimizing the adverse effects associated with falls.

The objectives of ‘Breaking the Fall Cycle’ are to:


  • Increase awareness of fall and injury preventive technology.
  • Increase awareness of ‘how to best use’ fall alarms.
  • Increase awareness of ‘how to best use’ injury preventive technology. (e.g., hip protectors, low beds and floor mats).

Content Specialist: Rein Tideiksaar, PhD is an expert in falls management and the president of FallPrevent, LLC. He has been active in the area of falls management for more than 30 years, directing numerous research and educational programs for health care settings.


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